Friday, May 21, 2010

Acara Lompat Dalam guni or was it lari Dalam guni?

should I run or should I jump? My teacher taught us to jump in the guni but I saw all those kids running...... so which is it?
jump Batrisyia, jump!

or was it run, Batrisyia run!

I wasn't sure and a bit confused too. I thought it was an acara lari dalam guni but I saw other kids ran in their gunny sack, so which is it?
My Batrisyia jumped or hopped at first , then decided to run half way, then
jumped again and finally..........

what the heck, just run! out of the guni.......
though you are not the champ this time dear, but you are still "The Champ" in mummy's heart.

love you heaps.....