Sunday, February 13, 2011

Morning madness

A glass ( or rather half full ) of milk and a few slices /squares of brownies with walnut dusted with icing sugar , next to my laptop in my small 'office' in my little kitchen next to my baking area, to start the day or rather to calm the hectic activity which took place earlier on.

"Hurry up! it's almost seven! ( am)"
the ever so familiar sound almost every day from Sunday to thursday in this household. what would happen if we started our journey after seven? jam and more jam, names jotted down by the school prefects, that's what's going to happen.

somehow today something else happened. As usual, if we left the house before seven or seven on the dot, I would drop my eldest daughter first which was on the other side of the town , followed by my youngest, the other way, nearer to home. My son, he cycled to school daily except when it rains. When i reached Batrisyia's school, just in time before the bell rang, to my horror, her school bag was not in the back seat!I must have left it when I locked the front door! OMG!!! Sign of aging? Must be, through the chaotic and the morning madness, time was wasted. time which I could use to do many other things like laundrying, watering the plant, etc, etc....
Now I have to go back and bring the bag to school .

Now, i am in my 'office', clicking away on the keyboard, the washing machine is on, and I am staring at the mess in front of me, the mess that we did last night after dinner which I was too tired to clear up immediately after. Still, I wouldn't want to change this for anything else....

After a long and tiring day of conducting the cupcake deco session during the day , an offer to cook dinner by hubby was music to my ear. thank you kids and hubby dearest for the lovely dinner last night, spanish omelette, grilled chicken and ribs and salmon. I only ate the spanish omelette specially prepared by my other half.It was marvellous!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's Up Doc?

2 am teh tarik, " Ma, tarik tinggi-tinggi sikit kay"
one out of six bunnies in the making for the six banana walnut cake

this chocolate moist cupcake was to be filled with a bunny

make a little hole in the middle, just enough to put in the bunny's head half way in

pop the head in

put thw two tiny paws

voila- 5 cups of bunnies in a hole for five sets of Chinese New Year cupcakes