Thursday, October 28, 2010

sambal sotong with eggs

telur sotong membuak-buak sampai nak terkeluar...yum...sedapnya.
dari kecil, umi mesti masak sotong rebus dan umi akan pastikan sotong2 tu semua ada telur. Umi masak simple sahaja
sotong rebus, direbus je dengan bawang merah, serai, halia, lengkuas I think, tapi rasanya sangat sedap. rasa-rasanya ,masa kecil dulu umi tak pernah buat sambal sotong dan sekarang ni pulak, I have never made sotong rebus in this house
How I ate my squid when I was young, I would cut them into smaller rings and put them on my fingers, macam pakai cincin.then makan satu-satu, the parts with most egg in it, I would save it for last, saved the best for last..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I want to make the roses too!

"Kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi", so they said or for spaghetti bolognese lovers, where would the spaghetti sauce be poured into if not into the plate and onto the spaghetti! ...hehe........

My daughter, would always be beside me whenever I am sitting in my kitchen. I am like a magnet to her, she would be drawn to me the minute I put on the apron or place the bandana on my head, she knew that I was about to start on my cakes and brownies , and so on.
When she saw me taking out the cream chesese, she knew that I'd be making marble cheese brownies, if no cocoa powder involved, it'd be vanila cupcakes.
That night, I started rolling some fondant to make fondant roses for a sweet lady's order for fondant and buttercream roses deco for her cupcakes

Mama, can I have some too? Batisya nak buat roses jugak. I was making the white roses and so I gave her the light purple fondant for her to play with.Seen in the two pictures above was her trying her hands on making a cat as per the instruction in the book.

Batrisyia's handmade fondant roses. These were the ones she had prepared before starting on the cat, unfortunately she didn't finish the cat,maybe next time.
What was I doing when I was her age? I didn't even know or heard of fondant! let alone playing or making something out of it! never heard of buttercream or piping bags and nozzles either!
The closest I got to be involved with the baking was helping my mother with the cookies, the plain ones.Little did I knew that I'd be doing them now!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

posted in dental office:

"Be kind to your dentist. He has fillings too."

from Reader's Digest,'Laughter the best medicine 'collection

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

gomol kelate gomol....

yellow and green everywhere, mostly worn as t-shirts and some opt for yelllow and green wig. Saw them as I was driving along JAlan Tun Razak going into Jalan Stadium, my car was moving rather slowly for there was only one lane left instead of the normal two. The other was used as parking for football supporters coming from all over for tonight's match.

it's the semi-final tonight,between Kedah and Kelantan, according to hubby dearest. As I was approaching the traffic light near my house, suddenly I saw red and white on my right, so many of them and suddenly, the state spirit in me was lifted. I felt like shouting at them, "go go Kelate go" or gomol kelate gomol! but that wouldn't be proper would it, unless I was in the stadium cheering them.

I am not much of a football fan except for the recent World Cup and this red and white team which had a not so nice experience/ incident in Selangor recently when they met with red and yellow theme, where both clubs were fined by the FAM for their supporters unruly and violent behaviour. I don't support such violent act. you can support your team all you like but please , no violence.

My house is not far from the stadium, in fact whenever a goal was scored, I could hear the loud cheering from the stadium.
I found out this morning that red and white team beat the yellow and green team. Yeay for Kelantan! and I supposed they are thru to the final.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh no! what's that smell.....

Today's lesson:
they say that you should never leave your baggage unattended at any time whenever you are travelling , at the airport, railway station, bus station or whatever mode of transport that you are using, for fear of people putting a little unwanted something into them
but today what I am going to say is:

never.....ever.....leave your cake unattended
trust me, and you will thank me for it....
actually this is a reminder for me
I learnt my lesson this morning.
The old folks used to say and I don't know if they are still saying it today in this borderless, IT era,
" Don't sing in the kitchen when you are cooking or you will end up marrying older men"
the reason being they are afraid that those girls will burn their cooking if they are busy singing their hearts out.Dunno if the saying is still used or not and I guess nowadays perhaps some ladies wouldn't mind marrying older men, for whatever reasons and it is not for me to decide or criticise. It is a matter of the heart( and money and security and many many other reasons ).
in fact, some prefer marrying younger guys...........

Baked my MCB, marble cheese brownies, so happy with the design, very simple cos I planned to write a birthday message using fondant alphabets later on today .
Leaving the MCB in the oven, I set the timer for about 25 minutes, went upstairs to check my e-mails, to do my morning blogwalking ,visiting my cyber friends and I got carried away, especially if I visit my Ontario friend whose humour and wits always brings smiles and make me see two moons ( like he always put it ) after reading his entries. Today , this morning was no exception.

Not only that, I received a call, a customer ordering some cupcakes and me, as usual, would be too absorb in my conversation when it comes to cakes and cupcakes. After ending the call, I went downstairs to check on my MCB but the smell coming from my kitchen was not too promising, it was not the usual nice cheesy aroma which I got from my baked marble cheese brownies, but it was a strong burnt marble cheese brownies smell and to my horror, it actually was burnt! it was much darker than the usual colour that I liked it to be.There is no possible way that I am giving this to my customer tomorrow.

I wasn't singing in my kitchen, nor was I listening to any music from either the radio or the TV and I for sure am not afraid of marrying an older man cos I already have a man in my life and yet I still burn my MCB! there goes one block of expensive Philadelphia cream cheese, one block of butter, amongst other things, fortunately I still have a few blocks of cream cheese and butter in my chiller and I would have to make another one, of course, nothing but the best for my customer.

lesson's learned, hopefully.