Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A place to call "HOME"

your 'home' during your 'stay' in Alor Star

Situated in the heart of the City, Alor Star , off Jalan stadium in Taman Stadium, along with other residential homes.

less than ten minutes drive to Sultan Abdul Halim airport in Kepala Batas,
less than five minutes drive to the Muzium, Pekan Rabu and Telekom Tower,
about twenty minutes drive to Kuala Kedah jetty ( if you are plaaning a trip to Langkawi )
about forty five minutes drive to Bukit Kayu hitam via the North south highway,
and if you bring your passport with you, you can cross the border to another country and greetings " Sawadikap" will welcome you.

it is a fully furnished single storey, semi detached house with three bedrooms .two bathrooms, one living room, a dining area and a kitchen. All three bedrooms are equipped with air-conditioned and and bathrooms with water heater.
this tiny but cosy kitchen comes with basic utensils, plates, cups, mugs, etc, all the things you need to enjoy your 'take away' food, cos i don't think most of you would feel like cooking while on holiday, right?
this full length ( well, almost) is a "MUST' for bride or groom to be, or for the father of the bride , not forgetting mums too, to do their final inspection before leaving the house for the akad nikah ceremony or the convocation.
sampin dah disusun dan diikat dengan rapi ke?
tudung match tak dengan baju,
make-up okay tak, etc etc....
master bedroom with luscious pillows, could make a perfect second honeymoon setting
snuggle close together under this comfy comforter and pillows
and sleep like a baby................
photos of cupcakes neatly framed and become part of the deco ( courtesy of Zue's Oven)
at this small table, all the family members can sit down for discussion and planning, planning on where to go , what to do
shall we go to the Muzium ( and Muzium Padi too )tomorrow?
or visit the Pekan Rabu, and buy some ikan pekasam
or perhaps go up the telekom tower and have lunch at the revolving restaurant

sambill duk relax malam tu , layanlah this big screen flat plasma TV
before leaving this place, don't forget to write down any comments or suggestions in the 'Guest book' on this small table by the door
there are some old magazines for you to just browse thru,while killing the time waiting for the ladies to get ready, why is it always the ladies who are getting ready, guys nowadays take their time too to look good too....

Whatever your reasons for visiting Alor Star, be it to attend weddings, kenduris or children's convocation,
whatever the plans may be, be it eating ikan bakar in Kuala Kedah, or eating laksa at Teluk Kechai,
or watching 'proudly' with tears of joy rolling down your cheeks, your sons or daughters receiving theirs scrolls on graduation dsy,
or buying 'totos' in Bukit Kayu hitam or Padang Besar,

this is the place for you , to rest, and sleep soundly before making your way back to your own HSH.

When you think of Alor Star , think of ULIK MAYANG GUEST HOUSE, grab your phone and call us at this number: 019-4786100 ( zue ) for reservation.

1914-D, Taman stadium,
Jalan stadium,
05100 Alor star

for more info, log on into our blogspot at
or e-mail me at

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Morning madness

A glass ( or rather half full ) of milk and a few slices /squares of brownies with walnut dusted with icing sugar , next to my laptop in my small 'office' in my little kitchen next to my baking area, to start the day or rather to calm the hectic activity which took place earlier on.

"Hurry up! it's almost seven! ( am)"
the ever so familiar sound almost every day from Sunday to thursday in this household. what would happen if we started our journey after seven? jam and more jam, names jotted down by the school prefects, that's what's going to happen.

somehow today something else happened. As usual, if we left the house before seven or seven on the dot, I would drop my eldest daughter first which was on the other side of the town , followed by my youngest, the other way, nearer to home. My son, he cycled to school daily except when it rains. When i reached Batrisyia's school, just in time before the bell rang, to my horror, her school bag was not in the back seat!I must have left it when I locked the front door! OMG!!! Sign of aging? Must be, through the chaotic and the morning madness, time was wasted. time which I could use to do many other things like laundrying, watering the plant, etc, etc....
Now I have to go back and bring the bag to school .

Now, i am in my 'office', clicking away on the keyboard, the washing machine is on, and I am staring at the mess in front of me, the mess that we did last night after dinner which I was too tired to clear up immediately after. Still, I wouldn't want to change this for anything else....

After a long and tiring day of conducting the cupcake deco session during the day , an offer to cook dinner by hubby was music to my ear. thank you kids and hubby dearest for the lovely dinner last night, spanish omelette, grilled chicken and ribs and salmon. I only ate the spanish omelette specially prepared by my other half.It was marvellous!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's Up Doc?

2 am teh tarik, " Ma, tarik tinggi-tinggi sikit kay"
one out of six bunnies in the making for the six banana walnut cake

this chocolate moist cupcake was to be filled with a bunny

make a little hole in the middle, just enough to put in the bunny's head half way in

pop the head in

put thw two tiny paws

voila- 5 cups of bunnies in a hole for five sets of Chinese New Year cupcakes

Thursday, October 28, 2010

sambal sotong with eggs

telur sotong membuak-buak sampai nak terkeluar...yum...sedapnya.
dari kecil, umi mesti masak sotong rebus dan umi akan pastikan sotong2 tu semua ada telur. Umi masak simple sahaja
sotong rebus, direbus je dengan bawang merah, serai, halia, lengkuas I think, tapi rasanya sangat sedap. rasa-rasanya ,masa kecil dulu umi tak pernah buat sambal sotong dan sekarang ni pulak, I have never made sotong rebus in this house
How I ate my squid when I was young, I would cut them into smaller rings and put them on my fingers, macam pakai cincin.then makan satu-satu, the parts with most egg in it, I would save it for last, saved the best for last..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I want to make the roses too!

"Kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi", so they said or for spaghetti bolognese lovers, where would the spaghetti sauce be poured into if not into the plate and onto the spaghetti! ...hehe........

My daughter, would always be beside me whenever I am sitting in my kitchen. I am like a magnet to her, she would be drawn to me the minute I put on the apron or place the bandana on my head, she knew that I was about to start on my cakes and brownies , and so on.
When she saw me taking out the cream chesese, she knew that I'd be making marble cheese brownies, if no cocoa powder involved, it'd be vanila cupcakes.
That night, I started rolling some fondant to make fondant roses for a sweet lady's order for fondant and buttercream roses deco for her cupcakes

Mama, can I have some too? Batisya nak buat roses jugak. I was making the white roses and so I gave her the light purple fondant for her to play with.Seen in the two pictures above was her trying her hands on making a cat as per the instruction in the book.

Batrisyia's handmade fondant roses. These were the ones she had prepared before starting on the cat, unfortunately she didn't finish the cat,maybe next time.
What was I doing when I was her age? I didn't even know or heard of fondant! let alone playing or making something out of it! never heard of buttercream or piping bags and nozzles either!
The closest I got to be involved with the baking was helping my mother with the cookies, the plain ones.Little did I knew that I'd be doing them now!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

posted in dental office:

"Be kind to your dentist. He has fillings too."

from Reader's Digest,'Laughter the best medicine 'collection