Monday, March 30, 2009

Princesses and Prince of the house

the three jewels in my life. Now where is that other gem? The tall, dark and handsome Prince Charming in my life


  1. My tall dark and handsome(+ broad shoulders and narrow hips) selalu outstation. Sebab tu tak dapat join u all kat kl last time. Anyway, I dah baca article about you kat Sinar Harian. Glamourla Zue...

  2. Kak Zue????? Found u from Tireless Mom cupcake baking entry.

    How are u?

    Keep in touch!!!

  3. Hai Tearose @ yong. Ala tak galmour lah, segan ada lah..Kita nak add gadget lagi utk other blogs yang I follow tapi tak pandai, senang nak masuk your blog, Yatt semua2, camana nak buat ek?

  4. Hai Ibu, Ija a.k.a Chomot kan? Sori la masih panggil nama tu, I still remember that name better.Yup, it's me....I am fine now crazy with baking and cake deco and writing too...have you seen my other cekmekzue blogspot?We'll keep in touch kay, nanti kita tukar2 link.