Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ouch! It hurts!

ouch!That hurts!It's not like I had never cut myself before, many , many times, knife cut , A4 paper cut, broken bottle cut, cut which I didn't know from nowhere and I'd just put a plaster over it. Actually what I wanted to show was how deep the cut was but it seemed like my car got the centre stage here and not my finger!remind me to take some photography lesson
it looks kinda weird....
but yesterday, the cut was deeper than usual, small but deep...I was making my cookies. the green tea was already in the oven and I was going to start on the semolina which required minyak sapi.Minyak sapi didn't come in blocks like butter but it came in a can. Somehow, on that fated day, yesterday, I tried to lift up the lid ( silly and careless me tried to lift it using my finger instead of spoon like I normally do) and in a split second, I could feel the sharp blade cut into my finger.
Ouch! that was deep!Blood started tricking down nonstop. I quickly grabbed the First Aid box in the toilet and took out some cotton wool to stop the blood from coming out. After awhile, it did and I put on the acriflavine lotion ( or the ubat kuning which I knew from I was very young, luka aje, ubat kuning)

Arrest than green can! Guilty! As charged. looking innocent and schmuckly there.
Just a word of caution to me and everyone reading this, please..please be careful with canned items. I threw this can away and took a new tin of minyak sapi for my cookies. don't want anyone to become Raja Bersiong ( just in case traces of blood was in there )after eating my cookies:-)
Lesson learned. Whatever you are doing, focus and concentrate, especially when dealing with sharp objects. Don't let your mind drift elsewhere. I guess, my mind was elsewhere when I tried to open the can and look what it got me.
reminds me of the song 'cuts like a knife' by rockwell


  1. Hello Zue, chepat, pergi beli Burnol cream....very good for burns,or cuts. Heals very fast. Try it. Cheap too.
    I always have this at home.

    Old days tarok Iodine...itu macham torture....worse than giving birth to twins...
    Hope the thumb gets well soon, take care, ya! Lee.

  2. hello Lee,
    will put Burnol cream in my to buy list. It still feels hurts because the cut was quite deep.
    thanx for the well wishes, Lee.
    take care of u too and Mrs Lee too!