Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I want to make the roses too!

"Kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi", so they said or for spaghetti bolognese lovers, where would the spaghetti sauce be poured into if not into the plate and onto the spaghetti! ...hehe........

My daughter, would always be beside me whenever I am sitting in my kitchen. I am like a magnet to her, she would be drawn to me the minute I put on the apron or place the bandana on my head, she knew that I was about to start on my cakes and brownies , and so on.
When she saw me taking out the cream chesese, she knew that I'd be making marble cheese brownies, if no cocoa powder involved, it'd be vanila cupcakes.
That night, I started rolling some fondant to make fondant roses for a sweet lady's order for fondant and buttercream roses deco for her cupcakes

Mama, can I have some too? Batisya nak buat roses jugak. I was making the white roses and so I gave her the light purple fondant for her to play with.Seen in the two pictures above was her trying her hands on making a cat as per the instruction in the book.

Batrisyia's handmade fondant roses. These were the ones she had prepared before starting on the cat, unfortunately she didn't finish the cat,maybe next time.
What was I doing when I was her age? I didn't even know or heard of fondant! let alone playing or making something out of it! never heard of buttercream or piping bags and nozzles either!
The closest I got to be involved with the baking was helping my mother with the cookies, the plain ones.Little did I knew that I'd be doing them now!

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