Monday, May 18, 2009

Is that a tree house?

There's a big purple house and i noticed that there's another house, much smaller with purple roof this time but it's on a tree! Is it a tree house? Is she trying to tell us something? We did plan to build one for the kids, but which tree? we don't have that many trees in our small compound, let alone a tree big and strong enough for a tree house, so i guess she can only have her treehouse in this picture of hers.

I like this drawing, so colourful, so happy, so ....every thing that it should be ....coming from a five year old who has no worries in the world.

Batrisyia drew this yesterday, 18th May 2009.


  1. cantiknya lukisan dia... apa kata buatkan dia
    play house kat sebelah rumah tu ;)

  2. salam umi,
    shall I call you umi or kak_e? tima kasih sudi singgah rumah zue. she likes to draw, at every available opportunity, she would draw. agaknya nanti nak tolong mama dia lukis atas cupcakes kot... :)
    Abah dia dah beli khemah, buat main2 tapi last couple of weeks jadi rumah kucing and her kittens.

  3. Am not surprise given that she's the daughter of an architect. Very artistically inclined, like the mother la.

  4. Anak architect, maknya pulak designer ...bukan designer macam Katherine Walker ke, tapi designer atas kek...hihi....tu lah dulu berangan gak nak design baju, setakat baju nak hantar jahit tu boleh lah design sendiri.Batrisyia pun jadi designer, dalam game DS nintendo yang dia main tu ada game pakaikan baju kat dolls macam Barbie...i pun tak reti nak main, dia expert...