Sunday, June 28, 2009

kittens in the garden

There were four kittens initially.After a while, one left the group (to the other world, but not to worry, cats have nine lives right, so they keep coming back)
Then, there were three as shown in these pics, but not for long, cos this is not their latest photo. As I am writing this, there are only two of them left. Princess, the white one, my youngest daughter's favourite died recently.

The mother is not seen here in the picture. she came to us not long ago.everytime she comes, we feed her. She is not ours and we do not know who she belongs to. We didn't take her in for health reason., not her health but our kids'.

This is in fact not her first batch of kittens but the second I think. None of her kittens survived , not during the birth but after. From that experience, she became extra cautious and over protective over her babies. She always tried to bring them into the house but we couldn't allow that, so what my hubby did was if they couldn't come into the house, so why don't we bring the house to them? Really, we made a house for them, using our kids tent and placed it on our front porch.

I have always liked cats and kittens alike. Ever since I was young ( many, many years ago.....)our house ( my parent's ) was never catless. There was Chomel, Tompok, Putih, Tamtih,and so many other names which I cannot recall.

they are such cute and adorable creatures and they would just melt any hearts who see them ( for most people but not all ).however, As I have my first baby in 1995, cats were no longer allowed into our house for health reason as I had mentioned earlier, so that is why they , the kittens are only allowed to play outside.


  1. laaaaaa comelnya kittens tu...

    * kalau bolehlah nak je amek semua kucing2 tu... kesian kan...

  2. salam umi,
    kucing2 ni memang comel, pandai dia buat muka manja tiap2 pagi mintak kita bagi dia breakfast masa kita tengah kalut nak hantar anak pi sekolah. I leave the cats to my hubby and kids, my time dah penuh dgn other chores....kadang2 je layan....tak macam dolu2, memang tak leh berenggang dgn kucing...

  3. Hai Ja,
    kiut miut anak2 kucing, they are soo lovable creatures but unfortunately I can't layan them a lot now, infact memang i jarang play with them, I have other priorities....they are for the kids ......