Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"I hate Mondays" was his favourite phrase.
Lasagna was his favourite food
Jon was his master
Odie was his mate, ( for bullying)
Nermal ( he hated this cute little cat)

Me....... his fan! and so are my kids!

I started reading Garfield during my Uni years. His books were readily available and was affordable too for students like me. I normally bought them at WHSmith in Ilford where my friends and I would sometimes go during our free time. Ilford town was the nearest town to our place. My first house as a student was in Windsor Road, only walking distance to Ilford, where I shared with three other Malaysian students. We rented the place from a nice Pakistani landlady called Jamila .

Now my kids like to read Garfield too, especially Ameer. Even my six year old Batrisyia loves to look thru the books . Tsara likes to read thicker books, like the Mr Midnight books , Harry Porter or the Twilight series .

These are just the few collections that I have and my son has started to collect them now.I used to cut the cartoon comic strip in the papers ( where did I put them?)Perhaps, if and when I have the time I would bind them nicely and make a book out of the paper clippings for my kids to read.

I love reading, I have read most of Sidney Sheldon's book from 'The other side of midnight" to "The sand of Time" ( I think there are a few more newer ones), a few of Stephen King's novels; Misery, Tommyknockers, just to name two, Jeffrey Archer Kane and Abel, Prodigal Daughter, a more romantic books by Danielle Steele and many many more.

I still like reading but have less time to do them now. I must try to make the time because when I read, the satisfaction is overwhelming, something that could not be achieved by watching the novel turned movie version on TVs. the feeling is not the same. Whenever I started holding a book, its difficult to put it down and the story would transport me into its world. I could imagine how the place looked like and made me feel as if I had been there, it shows just how great these writers are.

I remember reading "Gone With The wind" and they have made a movie out of that novel and it's nice to be able to actually visualise the characters , to actually see Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara on the big screen, such a handsome and beautiful pair, unfortunately, "Frankly my dear, i don't give a damn".Ego vs passion and ego won , I think. How did it end. Did they end up together? Did they live happily ever after?

Nowadays, I have added a few more writers and more books in my collection, a different kind of book, neither mystery, nor horror but more delectable in another sense. I am talking about cake decorating books by Martha Stewart, Debbie Brown, Peggie Porschen, Mich Turner and a few more. These people are talented too, with their beautiful and intricate cake collections and they are so inspiring. Not to mention, my cookbook collections. Let's not go into that. I would go on and on about books because I have so many books at home, books from my students days, my working days and now my stay at home days. Books and magazines are everywhere in the house.

Reality calls! house chores to do. I'll leave my books for a while. Happy reading everyone! Reading is good, reading is educational, reading is fun, so keep on reading!

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