Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lari dalam guni Champ

face of the "Champ" ...for lari dalam guni......:-)
she would show the little trophy to anybody who comes to our house and this evening, when I was talking to my sis on the phone, she
whispered to me, "lari dalam guni" ...okay, okay , I got the message, you wanted me to tell aunty that you won first place for that event , okay, I'll tell her and I would even put a photo of you with your trophy.....:-) Everybody say Cheese.....

Batrisyia and her classmates who were involved in the "hari Cergas Minda " last 14th April. they represented their school in the " Lari Dalam guni"
and a few other events too. guess what, they would be representing the district after this, so the teacher said. Wow! My daughter, representing the district?
That reminds of my childhood.......let's walk down memory lane a bit, shall we, humour me okay.....
the year was, in the 70s,the bellbottom years, the DJ Dave Uji Rashid, Hail amir era, in a small village called Pulai chondong, there was and I think still is, a school called SKPC, my school, I think 1977 or 1978, can't remember much but I do remember that I represented my school not for tracks but for short play competition, that was when I was in Std Six, story telling, ( now you know how old I am....ancient! ) when I was in std 5, ceramah ugama, was it Std 4 or 5?, that was during the primary school days, what about during my secondary school era, hmmm let me think...I was in the 4 X 400 metres relay, you know, lari berganti-ganti, kena tukar baton tu, I represented my house, rumah kuning or rumah Mahsuri and I am proud to say that we always won first place among the houses.those were the days,now, i can't even run the 100 metres, I think.
Suddenly i am remebering something, I think I won the first place for table tennis or ping pong during my uni days when we had a friendly match among us, the malay students there. I guess i was the best among the worst....hehe.....

Batrisyia's turn to receive her trophy

proudly, this mother of hers stood there, with her canon EOS 1000D, looking like a pro....I said, looking like a pro but not necessarily a pro....:-) taking the picture of her daughter receiving the trophy...... being watched by other students and teachers ( perasan....) what the heck....I am just being ....... a proud mum.......

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