Wednesday, October 20, 2010

gomol kelate gomol....

yellow and green everywhere, mostly worn as t-shirts and some opt for yelllow and green wig. Saw them as I was driving along JAlan Tun Razak going into Jalan Stadium, my car was moving rather slowly for there was only one lane left instead of the normal two. The other was used as parking for football supporters coming from all over for tonight's match.

it's the semi-final tonight,between Kedah and Kelantan, according to hubby dearest. As I was approaching the traffic light near my house, suddenly I saw red and white on my right, so many of them and suddenly, the state spirit in me was lifted. I felt like shouting at them, "go go Kelate go" or gomol kelate gomol! but that wouldn't be proper would it, unless I was in the stadium cheering them.

I am not much of a football fan except for the recent World Cup and this red and white team which had a not so nice experience/ incident in Selangor recently when they met with red and yellow theme, where both clubs were fined by the FAM for their supporters unruly and violent behaviour. I don't support such violent act. you can support your team all you like but please , no violence.

My house is not far from the stadium, in fact whenever a goal was scored, I could hear the loud cheering from the stadium.
I found out this morning that red and white team beat the yellow and green team. Yeay for Kelantan! and I supposed they are thru to the final.


  1. Hi Zue, I sure miss watching football, in Malaysia.
    We do get them here, not often, more England ones.
    Sini makan tidur ice hockey, ha ha. Lee.

  2. Hai Lee! never been to a football match before. the only ones I had been to were on Astro channel, watching the world cup.
    Ice hockey sounds cool....I could do a bit of ice skating when I was in Uni, but when I put the skates on again at The Sunway Pyramid ice skating ring a couple of months back, I seemed to have lost touch of the skill, my daughter , the youngest is the pro. my son too.
    oh well, thanx for dropping by Lee! Have a beautiful Autumn sunday!